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Bitcoin Beginner Box
Details and User Reviews 2020

  • Contains a wealth of information and products to help keep Bitcoin safe and sound
  • Total value of over $175
  • Optimal introduction for all newcomers in the field of cryptocurrencies
  • only available in English

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  • authorized reseller of hardware wallets

Bitcoin Beginner Box Description 2020

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This Bitcoin Starter Kit has been built from the ground up to teach the basic understanding and practices of the safe use of Bitcoin. It also provides several great parts that any Bitcoin user can use to keep Bitcoins safe.

The perfect way to learn about Bitcoin!
Contains products and services worth over $175 (about $150) to get you on the right track when using Bitcoin.

Each box contains, among other things, the following elements:

  • A Bitcoin Beginner T-Shirt
  • A ledger HW. 1 Hardware Wallet
  • A Random CryptoArt Limited Edition Art Paper Wallet
  • A Bitcoin training booklet
  • “The Bitcoin Boy’s Story” Digital Comic
  • A copy of Satoshi’s whitepapers
  • An invitation to a monthly Bitcoin beginner webinar
  • Discount Coupons to Bitcoin companies and services
  • A monthly newsletter with the latest information to continue your education
  • A Bitcoin Sticker

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