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Bitcoin Wallet Test: The Best Bitcoin Wallets 2023

A Bitcoin Wallet generates your address pairs, which are necessary for receiving and sending Bitcoin. However, if you know your secret key, you are in possession of your Bitcoins. Therefore, the right choice of Bitcoin Wallet is crucial.

bitcoin wallet

Keep your Bitcoins safe with a hardware wallet. The picture shows Cryptosteel, Digital Bitbox, Ledger Nano S, Opendime and TREZOR (from back to front, left to right)

Different Types of Bitcoin Wallets

There are many types of Bitcoin Wallets, which are categorized into two groups: Hot and Cold Wallets. The hot wallets can be accessed via the Internet and thus carry a high risk of attack. These should be considered as a wallet in which only a few bitcoins are kept.

With cold wallets, on the other hand, the seed was generated offline and stored for a long time. This means that this important information, which ensures access to your coins, is not accessible from the outside. This type of wallet is definitely the best decision you can make to keep your Bitcoins safe.

Cold Wallets include, for example, paper wallets generated on a secure and offline computer or hardware wallets.

The best Bitcoin Wallets in the test

That’s why there is this page which presents you the best Bitcoin Wallets: The Hardware Wallets.

These are external devices that communicate with your end device via USB or Bluetooth. A transaction is then still carried out on the smartphone or computer, but all important transactions are then carried out on the hardware wallet, sealed off. Similar to the TAN generator in a conventional bank.

This keeps the private key secure and never goes public Even an infected computer can’t harm your Bitcoins. The Bitcoin community therefore agrees that this form of storage is currently the safest solution.

The most popular Bitcoin Hardware Wallets can be found here:

Model Test Result
1 Ledger STAX
-Detailsto the shop
2 Ledger Nano S Plus Title Ledger Nano S Plus


Reviewto the shop
3 Ledger Nano X Semi Closed Ledger Nano X


Reviewto the shop


Reviewto the shop
5 Ledger Nano S Front view slightly unfolded Ledger Nano S


Reviewto the shop
6 01 Bb02 Render Thumbnail 540x540 BitBox02


Reviewto the shop


Reviewto the shop
8 Ellipal Product Image ELLIPAL Titan


Reviewto the shop
9 Kasse Frontal Kasse HK1000
-Detailsto the shop
10 Tangem Wallet Tangem Wallet & Note


Reviewto the shop
11 Bc Vault Product Picture BC Vault One


Reviewto the shop
12 Dcent Biometric Crypto Wallet D’CENT


Reviewto the shop

Other ways of storage

Beside the hardware wallets there are also other possibilities of Bitcoin wallets.

Bitcoin Paper Wallets

Paper wallets are also conceivable. With these, the address pairs are generated by a small program.

paper wallet

A paper wallet can be easily generated with

The public address can now be used to store your bitcoins. As soon as you want to spend some, make sure to use them all at once. Because if you try to spend or withdraw only a part of the money, you risk losing the remaining balance forever. This makes a paper wallet not very comfortable compared to a hardware wallet.

Hot Wallets

A Bitcoin Wallet on a smartphone or PC presents an increased risk, since the private keys are theoretically accessible by hackers.

Wallets on Bitcoin stock exchanges are also a big risk, as the private keys may also be known to the operator and the past has shown that it is not necessarily possible to trust them.

Bitcoin Wallet Test 2023

The best Bitcoin Wallets in the current comparison can be seen in the following table:

Ledger Nano S Plus Title Ledger Nano X Semi Closed
Model Ledger STAXLedger Nano S PlusLedger Nano X
Test Result -



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PlatformWindows, Linux, Mac, Android, Chrome OS, iOSWindows, Linux, Mac, Android, Chrome OSWindows, Linux, Mac, Android, Chrome OS, iOS
Altcoin Support
FIDO U2F Authenticator
Supported Coins5500+5500+5500+
Open Source
InterfacesBluetooth, USB-CUSB-CBluetooth, USB-C
Screen 2FA
Detailsto the shopReviewto the shopReviewto the shop


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Ashley Jones
16. September 2021 um 1:49

I’m new to the whole crypto world and I’m looking to start putting some money on it. I’ve been reading about Exchanges and Wallets and the rest of the definitions. I came across 3 wallets that seemed good: Jaxx, StronCoin and Cryptopay. I read your Jaxx review but wanted to know if you had review the other two and how do they compare. Thanks for your help.

Kelly Hubbard
4. September 2021 um 5:34

Great article, didn’t know there were more than one hardware wallet worth looking at. Have you any thoughts on the app-wallet “” on IOS? I’ve been using it for some months, but never really thought about “evil update” and now you gotten me to think about a swap to an open source.

Joseph Donahue
2. July 2021 um 17:11

I’m looking for a wallet where I can turn 3-10 bitcoins into USD instantly. I have coinbase now, but I would like something similar that allows me to transfer larger amounts faster and no weekly limits .

Ashley Jones
16. June 2021 um 12:00

I have been trading on Coinbase from day I first bought cryptocurrency. I’ve bought Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin and sold them at varying intervals. I can’t recall if I owned any Bitcoin at the first fork. I do have a friend who did own some. And we’re confused about all the fork stuff relative to Coinbase. If we owned Bitcoin at the fork then do we actually also still have a potential ownership of Bitcoin cash? Who has it? Does Coinbase have it? Currently, I only own Bitcoin and have for a while. Have their been other forks except the one? IF so – does Coinbase hold those currencies somewhere as well? The fork stuff is quite confusing relative to Coinbase. Because last night I thought I would go buy some IOTA but to buy IOTA they said I have to pay with Bitcoin. Well – now that we want to create a wallet and get our Bitcoins off to be able to buy something with them we’re concerned that if we pull them off of Coinbase does that cause us for forfeit any Bitcoin cash that Coinbase may be holding of ours somewhere? Any insight into all of this will be greatly appreciated.

Harold Burton
8. June 2021 um 18:44

hope I can reach you at this time.. I’ve mentioned you before that I’m planning to start mining over free Monero pools, to be more specific CoinImp Monero Pool at ( I’m aware it is better to create long-term wallets when dealing with Monero.. Can you please suggest me which ones are the best? Thanks beforehand!

Moses Brodin
9. January 2019 um 11:33

one question. With the wallets that have smartphone options and chrome extensions, are they safe? can you have both of them active?

Eve Hunt
21. November 2018 um 12:08

I used to purchase btc from coinmama using my HDFC debit card. But since a couple of days, neither my credit nor my debit card works for purchase. HDFC is refusing the transaction. Did anyone else observe this recent development?

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