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Hardware Wallets vouchers and promotions July 2024

Here you can find all the latest deals and coupons on Hardware Wallets. The offers are sorted by manufacturer. In the red box you will find the savings and next to it a short deal description. Just click on the entry to learn more!

What is a hardware wallet?

A hardware wallet is a small device that stores your private keys for your cryptocurrencies offline. This means that your coins are protected from hackers, malware and loss. A hardware wallet is like a safe for your digital assets. You can access your coins at any time by connecting the hardware wallet to your smartphone or computer. To confirm a transaction, you must enter a PIN code or other form of authentication. This way, you have full control over your crypto assets.

Current hardware wallet offers

Hardware wallet manufacturers often attract new customers with good offers. These are discount promotions on individual models, or often so-called reduced bundles. These are packages consisting of one or more hardware wallets, often with a backup product to secure the recovery seed or a crypto voucher. On these bundles you save money compared to the single price. Almost every year there are incredible deals at Christmas or Black Friday.

Also, portals like often have special discount coupons that can help you save money. These are issued exclusively for this site by the manufacturer. Therefore, take a look at the following coupons and promotions and find the right offer for you.

How can I redeem the vouchers

To save on the Hardware Wallet, simply click on the corresponding offer. You will then be redirected to the corresponding offer of the shop. You may need to enter a voucher code in the box provided during the checkout process. You can find it here on this page.

Coupons from Ledger

Vouchers from the hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger are particularly popular. Therefore, the manufacturer often offers limited-time promotions, which you can then find on this page. In addition, so-called Ledger bundles are regularly on offer, where you save money compared to the individual price.

Where can I find the best coupons and deals for Hardware Wallets?

If you want to buy a hardware wallet, you shouldn’t pay full price. There are many ways you can save when buying a hardware wallet. Here are some tips:

  • Compare prices: Before you decide on a hardware wallet, you should compare the prices of the different providers. For example, you can visit the official websites of the manufacturers or use online retailers like Amazon or eBay. Also pay attention to shipping costs and taxes.
  • Use coupons: Many manufacturers and retailers offer you coupons with which you can get a discount on your order. And you’ve come to the right place. Further up in the gray box you will find current coupons and promotions for various hardware wallets. You just need to enter the appropriate coupon code in the order process.
  • Buy Bundles: Another way to save money is to buy bundles. These are packages that consist of one or more hardware wallets, often with a backup product or crypto voucher. You will then save money compared to the single price. For example, at Ledger you can buy the Backup Pack, which consists of a Ledger Nano X and a Ledger Nano S.
  • Wait for special promotions: Sometimes there are also special promotions where you can save a lot of money. For example, almost every year there are incredible deals at Christmas or Black Friday. So you should always stay updated and look out for such promotions.

Vouchers and promotions recommend

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