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Ledger: Warning of current phishing attacks


Lately, Ledger customers are increasingly reporting phishing attempts via email or SMS. In the messages, the attackers try to direct the victims to fake ledger pages to install a supposedly necessary security update. However, this fails and serves only as a pretext to be asked to enter its recovery seed. This would give the scammers […]

5 Years Ledger – Ledger Nano X Special Edition

Lnx To The Moon Banner 900 x 200

Ledger was founded 5 years ago by 8 technology pioneers with the common goal of bringing security and innovation to the cryptosphere. It is really impressive how fast this company has grown in recent years. But with 200 global employees working in Paris, New York, Hong Kong and Vierzon, and ambitious targets, Ledger is also […]

Ledger Nano S now supports IOTA Tokens

IOTA logo

The IOTA Foundation announced today a new collaboration with Ledger, the market leader for cryptocurrencie and blockchain security, to integrate IOTA tokens into the hardware wallets of ledger. The Ledger Nano S hardware wallet now allows you to protect the private keys to the IOTA tokens. Ledger hardware wallets can be integrated into the IOTA […]

Exchange Cryptocurrencies directly within the TREZOR Wallet

TREZOR Wallet Exchange

TREZOR has introduced a new function on 22.10.2018: A direct exchange of cryptocurrencies within the TREZOR Wallet. This means that you can now seamlessly switch between different cryptocurrencies without having to leave the TREZOR wallet. The entire exchange process can be started and monitored directly in the wallet. How is direct exchange made possible? The […]

Updating the Ledger Nano S Firmware

In the following I will update the Ledger Nano S step by step. In this case, the update from version 1.2 to 1.3.1 is concerned. Before we start, we should make sure that each of the 24 words on the recovery sheet is readable, as we need to reset the device to the previous state […]

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