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Ledger Nano X
Review and Comments 2019

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Details Approved
  • Buy directly from the manufacturer without intermediaries
  • shipping from Europa, USA and Hong Kong
  • free replacement in case of defect
Hardware Wallets
  • State-of-the-art security
  • Simple backup in the form of 24 words
  • Simplicity: 2 buttons and a small monitor in the form of a USB stick
  • Mobility over a bluetooth connection with the smartphone and built-in battery
  • Multicurrency: More than 1100 assets supported
  • More storage space for over 100 apps

Ledger Nano X Review 2019

The hardware wallet Ledger Nano X is the latest hardware wallet from Ledger. It was officially announced in early 2019 and can already be pre-ordered for a price of 119,00 € (click here to check the current price). Shipping will take place in March. Compared to its forerunner model Nano S, this now has bluetooth and a built-in battery for mobile use via smartphone. There is also more space for apps.

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State-of-the-art security

Ledger Nano X Banner

Like Ledger’s other hardware wallets, the Ledger Nano X offers state-of-the-art security: the private keys are securely isolated inside the device’s certified security element (CC EAL5+), the same chip used in high-security applications such as credit cards and passports.

The bluetooth connection is only used as a transport layer for public information and therefore does not represent a point of attack. The secret keys or seed never leave the secure element. Even if the bluetooth connection is hacked, the security of the Ledger Nano X relies on the secure element, which will seek approval for any action.

Use Ledger Nano X on the go

The Ledger Nano X is bluetooth-capable and mobile thanks to the built-in battery. The hardware wallet is connected to the smartphone and then managed through the Ledger Live mobile app. With the app, it will be possible to display the real-time balance of all the crypto assets, no matter where you are, either with a computer or smartphone (via bluetooth), even if the device is not connected right now.

Ledger X Product Mobility

The app also has a simple, step-by-step process that helps you easily manage transactions while keeping an eye on the cryptocurrencies at all times.

The app will be released together with the hardware wallet at the beginning of March. You can already pre-order the hardware Wallet Ledger Nano X.

Easy Backup of the Hardware Wallet

As you’re used to, the Ledger Nano X is also protected by a 24-word recovery phrase. This means that the crypto assets remain safe even if you lose the device. To do this, you simply use the backup created during the device’s initialization to restore the accounts on any ledger device.

Support for various Cryptocurrencies and Tools

The Ledger Nano X can store up to 100 applications at a time, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and many more. That’s another advance from the Ledger Nano S model. As a result, it is possible to manage all assets on the same device and at the same time, the storage will no longer run out. All supported cryptocurrencies can be found here: Ledger Nano X cryptocurrencies.

The Ledger Nano X was designed as intuitively as possible again: 2 buttons, 1 screen, which is all you need to control the device. Transactions are made from a smartphone or computer with the already well-known Ledger Live PC application and also via new mobile apps.

Excellent Technology

CES-the world’s largest annual technology fair-honours products that stand out from others. The CES Innovation Honoree Awards are presented to products or technologies that are above a certain standard in this category. In 2018, this award was only awarded to 31 products, while there had been over 4400 exhibitions at CES this year.

Ledger Nano X Ces Award

Ledger has received the hardware wallet CES Innovation Honoree Award in the Cybersecurity and Personal Privacy product category for its Hardware Wallet, underscoring the innovative power it brings to the hardware wallet market. It combines the security of secure elements and the custom operating system with the ease of use and flexibility that bluetooth and more storage space provides.

More information and latest news can be found on the Ledger Nano X product page.

Product Specifications

CategoryHardware Wallets
  • State-of-the-art security
  • Simple backup in the form of 24 words
  • Simplicity: 2 buttons and a small monitor in the form of a USB stick
  • Mobility over a bluetooth connection with the smartphone and built-in battery
  • Multicurrency: More than 1100 assets supported
  • More storage space for over 100 apps
PlatformWindows, Linux, Mac, Android, Chrome OS, iOS
CryptocurrenciesBitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Zcash, Dash, Stratis, Ripple, Komodo, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, ERC-20 Tokens, PoSW, ARK, Expanse, PivX, Vertcoin, Viacoin, NEO, Bitcoin Gold, Stellar, Hcash, DigiByte, Qtum, Bitcoin Private, ZenCash, Nano, Nimiq, Peercoin, Zcoin, Tron, Ontology, Hycon, Pirl, Akroma, Vechain, Icon, Stealth, Woleet, Wanchain, Kowala, Particl, Rootstock, Waves, Rise, FIC Network, EOS, POA network, IOTA, Lisk, Musicoin, Factom, Gamecredits, MIX, ethergem
CompatibilityMycelium, MyEtherWallet, FIDO/U2F, Bitstamp, SSH Agent, Password Generator, OTP
Package Contents
  • Hardware Wallet
  • USB cable (USB-C)
  • getting started leaflet
  • Recovery sheet
Input OptionsButtons
Comments10  comments
Altcoin Support
Supported Coins55 Coins
FIDO U2F Authenticator
Open Source
InterfacesBluetooth, USB-C
Screen 2FA

User Reviews 10

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25. February 2019 um 15:20

I need Cardano to purchase ledger nano X. Just for you information Cardano community is huge and demanding. Hope ledger is not going to miss out on that! Support it soon!

24. January 2019 um 6:39

I’m anxiously looking forward to receiving my new Nano X that I have pre-ordered. Will is support Cardano in the future? I didn’t see it on the list.

24. January 2019

Hello Jon,

the last firmware update 1.5 enables the future support of Cardano and new Tezos derivation paths because Bip32-ed25519 has been added.
Now you have to be patient until Ledger or the community develops an app for Cordano, the requirements are now given.
Please read here for more information:

23. January 2019 um 1:30

Support for alt coins in Ledger live is very limited now. Will the ledger live mobile expand its support for alt coins?

Manoj Nagaraj
16. January 2019 um 21:43


Will they add additional coins to their existing list? Because I don’t see Cardano, Stellar etc… Are they supporting these coins now?

18. January 2019


Please look on their website for an updated list of the supported assets:
Ledger Nano X Cryptocurrencies

Steve Gurgon
7. January 2019 um 23:11

Will there be any added security risk with Bluetooth capabilities?

7. January 2019

Bluetooth is just a media. The BLE stack is handled by a non secure chip and the user still has to confirm all operations which is handled by the Secure Element.

So no, adding bluetooth doesn’t make this device any less secure. As always you have to verify your operation via the device screen and buttons, no matter which connection or service you use.

3. January 2019 um 0:53

Nice clickbait.

“nOt WhAt i ExPeCtEd”

And then the “review” is a rundown of its technical specifications. If this isn’t an opinion piece why did you title it like one?

14. February 2019

as you can read above we will publish our review here on this page as soon as we get a device.
We are experimenting with different meta titles and descriptions so this is why you get this title for the hardware wallets landing pages.
Thanks for your feedback!

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