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Ledger STAX
Details and User Reviews 2024

The most important facts in brief

  • Secure your Cryptos, NFTs, and tokens. Powered by the Secure Element chip and Ledger's proprietary OS, the well-known Ledger security is ensured.
  • Read, understand and sign transactions with ease due to the large e-ink display.
  • Personalization of the Ledger Stax' with any image or NFT on the lock screen possible.
  • Mobile-first due to built-in Bluetooth module.
  • More than 5.500+ (to the complete list) different cryptocurrencies are supported

Available here

  • Buy Ledger hardware wallets directly from the manufacturer without intermediaries
  • Numerous accessories in the store
  • Recommended by Forbes, TechCrunch and Bloomberg
  • More than 15 accepted payment methods
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Ledger STAX Description 2024

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Ledger launched its latest product on December 6, 2022: Ledger STAX. The hardware wallet was co-designed by iPod designer Tony Fadell. It has the form factor of a thick credit card and comes in a classy graphite gray. The touch display is the world’s first curved e-ink touchscreen.

Introducing Ledger Stax

When you play this YouTube video, data is transmitted to Google.

Proven Ledger quality

Ledger’s latest hardware wallet also makes it easy to enter the world of digital assets with Ledger’s industry-leading, uncompromising security. The hardware wallet also works seamlessly with Ledger Live: Managing, buying, selling and earning 5.500+ (to the complete list) digital assets via works as usual. It is also possible to perform transactions and manage NFTs and thousands of coins. Reading and signing transactions on the world’s first palm-sized, curved E Ink touchscreen is now even easier. The display is extremely energy-saving and, like an e-book, paper-like and pleasant to read.

The focus is always on mobile operation, which is easily possible via Android and iOS thanks to the Bluetooth module. But the use via MacOS or Windows is of course also possible without any problems. Charging is now possible wirelessly.

Personalization of the Ledger STAX

It is also possible to personalize the Ledger Stax’ with your favorite NFT or picture that will be displayed on the lock screen, even when it is turned off. Thanks to the e-ink display, this static information does not consume any power. According to Ledger, the 200 mAh lithium-ion battery lasts several months on a full charge when left unused, even when the user’s own picture is displayed. Multiple Ledger STAX’ can be easily stacked due to the built-in magnet. This will certainly make even more interesting functions possible in the future due to the built-in NFC chip.

Buy the Ledger STAX hardware wallet

Currently, Ledger STAX can only be pre-ordered at a price of 119,00 € (click here to check the current price). The first shipment is announced for the end of March 2023. Shipping is free of charge.


Ask your own question

If you buy cryptocurrencies through Coinbase and store them there, Coinbase is in possession of your private keys and could theoretically disappear with your cryptocurrencies at any time.
Therefore, it is recommended not to keep the coins on exchanges, but to transfer them to wallets, where one is the only one in possession of the private keys.

You should therefore consider sending the coins from your Coinbase Wallet to your Ledger Wallet. For a possible later sale, you can simply send the coins from the hardware wallet back to Coinbase.

How to transfer coins from Coinbase to your hardware wallet

  1. Generate a new address via your hardware wallet. For example, open the Ledger Live software and select the “Receive” option for the corresponding account. Copy the displayed address to your cache.
  2. In Coinbase, you now navigate to your portfolio page and select the appropriate wallet from which you want to send.
  3. In the Send dialog box, select the wallet address option because you want to send to a wallet outside of Coinbase. Copy the address of the hardware wallet into the corresponding field.
  4. Enter the amount of cryptocurrency you want to send into the Amount field.
  5. Select Next and confirm the transaction details to complete the sending. Make sure that the address matches the one copied from the hardware wallet.

Ledger hardware wallets (Ledger Nano S Plus, Ledger Nano X or Ledger STAX) support over 5,500 different cryptocurrencies. Among them are all the well-known coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple. A complete overview can be found here:

Ledger supported cryptocurrencies.


In principle, as many supported coins/cryptocurrencies can be stored on the Ledger Nano S as you like. This is because the hardware wallet only stores the private keys that guarantee access to the coins. To manage the coins, the corresponding app must be installed on the device.

However, you can only install a certain number of apps at a time on the Ledger Nano S or Nano X. This is because the memory of the Ledger Nano S and Nano X is limited. However, it is not a problem to switch apps by un- and install, so the coins are not lost.

It is not yet known how many apps the Ledger STAX can store simultaneously.

Ledger had planned the delivery for the end of March 2023. Unfortunately, this date could not be met and no devices have been shipped to date. This is probably due, among other things, to the special display, which has proven to be much more difficult to manufacture than expected.

As soon as a delivery date for the Ledger Stax has been set, Ledger will inform you. They are working hard to ship the Ledger Stax as quickly as possible and in the best possible quality.

The current status can always be found on the Ledger Stax product page.

After setting up your Ledger STAX, you’ll need to follow the steps outlined in this article to transfer your crypto from an exchange: If you want to send funds from a software wallet to your Ledger STAX follow this tutorial:

Even if someone steals your Ledger STAX, they won’t be able to access it without knowing your PIN. Entering the wrong PIN three times in a row will automatically reset your Ledger STAX to its factory settings.

Product Specifications

  • State-of-the-art security through Secure Element chip
  • Simple backup in the form of 24 words
  • Simplicity: 2 buttons and a small monitor in the form of a USB stick
  • Mobility through Bluetooth coupling with the smartphone and built-in battery
  • More than 5.500+ (to the complete list) different cryptocurrencies are supported
  • More storage space for over 100 apps
  • Bluetooth
  • USB-C
  • Touchscreen
  • Wireless charging
  • NFTs
  • Customizable
  • macOS & Windows Support
  • iOS & Android Support
CompatibilityMycelium,, BTC direct, Mercuryo, Metamask, MyEtherWallet, Bitstamp, SSH Agent, FIDO/U2F, Password Generator, OTP
CryptocurrenciesBitcoin, Casper, Tezos, Monero, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Zcash, Dash, Stratis, Ripple, Komodo, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, ERC-20 Tokens, PoSW, ARK, Expanse, PivX, Vertcoin, Viacoin, NEO, Bitcoin Gold, Stellar, Hcash, DigiByte, Qtum, IOTA, Bitcoin Private, ZenCash, Nano, Nimiq, Peercoin, Woleet, Zcoin, Tron, Wanchain, Vechain, Ontology, Kowala, Icon, Particl, Rootstock, Hycon, Waves, Rise, FIC Network, Pirl, EOS, Akroma, Stealth, POA network, Lisk, Musicoin, Factom, Gamecredits, MIX, ethergem
Package Contents
  • 1 Ledger Stax
  • 1 USB-C to USB-C cable
  • 1 Recovery Sheet
  • Ledger Stax guide
PlatformWindows, Linux, Mac, Android, Chrome OS, iOS
Altcoin Support
Supported Coins5.500+ (to the complete list)
Open Source
Secure Element
Display as 2FA
InterfacesUSB, Bluetooth
Input OptionsTouchscreen

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  • Buy Ledger hardware wallets directly from the manufacturer without intermediaries
  • Numerous accessories in the store
  • Recommended by Forbes, TechCrunch and Bloomberg
  • More than 15 accepted payment methods
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Current Promotions

Use this referral link and receive 10$ in BTC upon purchase
Save up to 10% with LEDGER bundles