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Review and Comments 2024

The most important facts in brief

  • secure storage of recovery seeds from hardware wallets of any kind
  • made of extremely resistant titanium
  • offers space for two Ledger Nano S or four TREZOR Model T
  • fire proof up to 1665°C
  • everything is included in the package, no more tools needed

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CRYPTOTAG Review 2024

(98%, Review by Malte)

CRYPTOTAG provides you with a safe way to save your hardware wallets recovery seed. The letters of the individual words of the Recovery Seed can be embossed into extremely resistant titanium with a single hammer blow. This keeps your backup much safer than on simple paper. You can find out in detail how this works in the following review.


Cryptotag Heritage

A Dutch startup from Amsterdam, with a passion for blockchain and cryptocurrency, launched the product in 2018. With the vision that cryptocurrencies will positively influence the world around us, the development of a new backup system has begun. In the process, the team was influenced by goldsmiths, metal workers, the aviation industry and old engraving techniques. These influences are visible in the components included such as hammer, punching letters, anvil and use of titanium. The result is a product that cryptocurrencies are supposed to secure over several generations.

CRYPTOTAG delivers the complete package

CRYPTOTAG is distributed by resellers around the world. The set is available at the time of testing for 169,00 € (click here to check the current price) available. For the proud price, you get everything you need for the process:

  • the hammer
  • 26 letter bits from A to Z
  • a bit holder
  • two CRYPTOTAG plates & handles
  • earplugs
  • matches
  • anvil
Cryptotag Supply

the CRYPTOTAG package contains everything you need

Due to the extensive delivery volume, the package weighs four kilograms and is 35x25x8cm tall. With the components, the information can be punched into the titanium plates without the need for further tools. Even matches for burning the old paper backup after punching are available!

In the set, there are two identical plates, each with room for 24 words of a recovery seed. Two Ledger Nano S or TREZOR One can be saved. For example, since the TREZOR Model T and KeepKey Recovery Seed consist of only 12 words, four of them fit in. Of course, more plates can also be reordered.

How to use the Backup Tool

Before you start, you should look for a solid surface and prepare your recovery seed of the hardware wallet. A backup word consists of three to eight letters. CRYPTOTAG allows the punching of the first four letters of each word, as these are sufficient to conclude the complete word.

Cryptotag Hardware Wallets

CRYPTOTAG can secure recovery seeds of various hardware wallets

Now retrieve all the items from the package. If necessary, you can use the earplugs to protect your ears. At the beginning, the two plates are separated by removing the brackets. Then you put one of the plates with the logo facing down into the anvil and put the bit holder into the first row. Finally, you can now put the bits in the bracket, letter by letter. It is important that the logo of the bits is directed towards you so that the letters are not twisted. While holding anvil and the bit, you can shape the letter into the titanium with a firm stroke of the hammer.

Finally, you should mark the plate with a personally chosen label, so as not to lose track of several sets. For this, you put both plates in the anvil, this time the logo points upwards. In the Wallet ID section, you can now punch a letter for both sides for identification.


When you play this YouTube video, data is transmitted to Google.

Finally, fix both plates again with the brackets and store them in a safe place.

How safe is CRYPTOTAG?

According to its own data, the team behind CRYPTOTAG carried out experiments with different engraving methods and different metals within sixteen months and, in their opinion, found the best way. The resulting tool set has been patented and allows easy engraving in titanium.

Titanium is extremely hard and is used in off-shore systems because of its high corrosion resistance. Titan is also used in aerospace, not least because its melting point is 1677 degrees Celsius. All of these factors make CRYPTOTAG extremely resistant to fire, corrosion or external violence.

Bitcoin enthusiast Jameson Lopp tests various backup products for recovery seeds on his website and has given CRYPTOTAG the highest possible marks. The whole report is here: CRYPTOTAG Review.


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