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Can I restore Ledger Live to a new computer?

You can easily install Ledger Live on a new computer and link your old hardware wallet again. Ledger Live is just the interface for managing cryptocurrencies All necessary keys are on the hardware wallet itself.

Ledger Nano X
Ledger Nano S


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24. May 2020 um 23:32

Hi, how do you do that link? when downloading Ledger Live in new computer I’m presented with the options of Get started with your Ledger device 1)set a new device 2) restore device 3)skip device 4)Dont’ have a ledger?

Not sure what’s the correct one to link your old hardware wallet again


John Williamson
25. May 2020 um 19:39

Maggie: I have the exact question… what is the correct choice?


Chris K
11. June 2020 um 12:13

I just had this issue too. When you open up ledger live choose to “skip device setup”. Then when you get on, you can connect your hardware wallet to your computer and sync the accounts. It’s scary lol, I synced the account with the smallest balance first just to check it works and its all good, have synced them all back up again now.

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