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How to turn off the Ledger Nano X?

Switching off is only possible via the Control Center. To get there, you can hold down both buttons for 3 seconds at any time. Or you can navigate manually to the Control Center via the menu. There you can then choose the option “Power off”.

Ledger Nano X


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5. June 2022 um 22:18

I hate the company that makes this stuff, products are riddled with glitches and no one in customer support responds. Initially did not have a major issue turning it off, suddenly now it’s unresponsive.

Roy McCoy
10. March 2022 um 16:04

Nowhere I’ve seen is it said that you have to hold the buttons down for several seconds to power off. If you don’t, the wallet displays “LEDGER” and goes to the Enter PIN dialog. It’s okay now that I (finally) know this, but it should be in the instructions and I don’t see why it should be necessary to hold the buttons since the displayed power-off function is quite clear and it takes work to get there.

Roy McCoy
9. March 2022 um 6:46

I got to “Power off” with some difficulty, but when I then pressed the two buttons it didn’t turn off, at least not immediately. It’s turned off now but I don’t know how. Pressing the two buttons with “power off” showing didn’t seem to do it.

Elaine McGinnis
26. May 2021 um 21:51

when i go the close my nano, it will not shut off. I use both buttons, nothing happens

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