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If I accidentally lose my CoolWallet Pro, will I also lose my crypto assets?

No. CoolWallet Pro only allows pairing with authorized mobile devices. Therefore, if your CoolWallet Pro is lost or stolen, an unauthorized device cannot be paired with it, and cannot access your crypto assets. The person who obtains your CoolWallet Pro will be asked to enter the pairing password, and if they fail five times, the system will be locked. In addition, CoolWallet Pro needs to be within 10 meters of the authorized mobile device to function, so there is no risk when the authorized mobile device and CoolWallet Pro are not together. Malicious actors also cannot easily disassemble CoolWallet Pro to steal your private key stored in CC EAL 6+ security components, so your crypto assets are very secure.

Most importantly, your crypto assets are recorded on the blockchain, so you won’t lose them just because you lose your CoolWallet Pro. As long as you keep the recovery seed safe (handwritten and stored in a secure location), you can use it to recover your crypto wallet. Losing your CoolWallet Pro doesn’t mean losing your crypto assets.

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