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Review and Comments 2021

  • mobile mobile oriented hardware wallet, no computer required
  • user-friendly operation thanks to the color touch screen
  • supports various cryptocurrencies
  • smartphone app with additional useful features

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Details Approved
  • Buy directly from the manufacturer without intermediaries
  • ELLIPAL is a Blockhain security company with headquarters in Hong Kong

Follow-up model

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First Impression
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ELLIPAL Review 2021

(83%, Review by Malte)
There is a follow-up model

Meanwhile there is a follow-up of this model. Look here to learn more about it: ELLIPAL Titan

ELLIPAL is a mobile oriented hardware wallet that works completely isolated from the Internet. All you need is a smartphone with the ELLIPAL app and the device itself. How accurate and how good this works, you will find in the following review.

First Impression


The hardware wallet is available at a price of 149,00 $ (click here to check the current price) directly at the manufacturer. There are additional charges for shipping. Paypal and various cryptocurrencies are currently available as payment options.

Important note for buying hardware wallets.

Hardware Wallets should preferably be ordered directly from the manufacturer or official resellers if possible. Dubious stores or private sellers on platforms like ebay or amazon could manipulate the devices for their own purposes or trick the buyer. This way, the thieves can steal all the coins from your hardware wallet at a later time. Unfortunately there have been cases like this in the past.

The device is sent in a small black box, which is sealed in foil and is protected by two seals. If these seals are already broken, you should not use the hardware wallet and contact the support team! The wallet may have been tampered with.

Contents of the Package


In addition to the hardware wallet, a USB charging cable, a guide, a warranty card, two stickers and a note for writing down the backup are included in the scope of delivery. All parts are surrounded by a layer of foam, so everything is securely packed for delivery.

ELLIPAL looks like a cheap smartphone: It is 119x64x10mm large and has a 4 inch large color touchscreen. The casing is grey plastic. According to the manufacturer, the battery inside should hold 650 hours in standby mode and is fully charged in 90 minutes. On the back there is a 5MP camera for scanning the QR codes and a power switch on the right side. The USB port on the top is intended for loading only and data exchange is not possible. However, on the back under the cover is a microSD card card slot to perform updates.

Setting up the ELLIPAL Wallet

Important note about setup.

Never use a hardware wallet that is already set up. You must choose your own PIN code or password and do the backup yourself. This is not given by anyone!

Thanks to the relatively large colour touch screen and the intuitively designed surface, the set up is very straightforward.

To set it up, you start the hardware wallet by holding down the power button for a few seconds. The process begins with the selection of the language. In addition to English, there are some Asian languages available. Next you will be asked to download the iOS or Android app. To do this, either scan the displayed QR code or visit the page:

You can then create a new wallet, import an old one via a backup, or import only a private key. Since this device is to receive a new wallet, a new account will be created. You will then be asked for the account type, where you can choose from different cryptocurrencies. After the selection of the coins you set an account name and a password. A sufficient long password with numbers and letters is required.


writing down the backup is an important part of the setup process (Billfodl on the right, for safe storage of a recovery seed).

Finally, the backup of the account is followed by 12 words, the so-called recovery seed. For each account – with the latest version – you only need one recovery seed. Before the process starts, you have to confirm by selecting three checkboxes that you have understood what the backup is for. Then you will see 12 words that you have to copy. A bit annoying is that every 15 seconds the display switches off automatically, which interrupts the copy over and over again. This time can be changed later in the settings.

Important note about hardware wallet backup (Recovery Seed).

Your Recovery Seed is the backup key to all your cryptocurrencies and applications. The Recovery Seed (backup) can only be viewed once. Never make a digital copy of the Recovery Seed and never upload it online. Keep the Recovery Seed in a safe place, ideally also safe from fire and water. Special backup products, for example Cryptosteel Capsule or Billfodl are suitable for this.

No one but yourself can be held liable for any financial losses caused by improper handling of sensitive data.

After that, all the words are displayed again, which must then be placed in the correct order. This ensures that the backup is correct. This means that the account is available on the hardware wallet. But to be able to use all the features, the account must now be linked to the app.

To do this, select the account and click on “Connect App”. A QR code is displayed, which is scanned with the app on the smartphone. This makes it possible to display the balance of the wallet on the mobile phone.


For everyday use, both the hardware wallet and the app are required on the smartphone. Because the ELLIPAL hardware wallet now securely contains the private keys of the accounts, while the app has access to the Internet. The exchange between the two devices takes place exclusively via the camera by scanning each other’s QR codes.

Verify Transactions

How to make transaction on ELLIPAL?

When you play this YouTube video, data is transmitted to Google.

For example, to send a transaction out of this hardware wallet, the transaction must be ordered through the smartphone app. The app then generates a QR code that contains all the information of the transaction. Now you have to select the appropriate account on the ELLIPAL hardware wallet and select the Sign button. After entering the account password you have the possibility to scan the QR code from the app. The hardware wallet signs this transaction with the private key and also generates a QR code, which in turn needs to be scanned by the app. This allows the app to send the transaction to the appropriate network.

More Features of the App

In addition to executing transactions through the hardware wallet, the app also supports other useful functions.

In this way you can view the market situation of various coins directly in the app, read current news from the area of cryptocurrencies or manage addresses via the profile tab. In addition, you can manage not only accounts of the hardware wallet, but also create accounts directly on the smartphone. Of course, these are less secure than those of the hardware wallet, but you avoid the scanning of the QR codes.

Another feature of the app is the direct exchange of cryptocurrencies. This feature allows you to swap all supported cryptocurrencies directly within the app. The fees are directly included in the exchange rate and the exchange is settled according to ELLIPAL via Shapeshift.


Since Ellipal is a mobile oriented hardware wallet, it can be used on the following platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS

The following cryptocurrencies are currently supported, with continuous work on additional coins:

  • Bitcoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Bitcoin Gold
  • Stellar
  • Zcoin
  • Tron
  • Decred
  • Bitcore
  • Bitcoin Diamond
  • Groestlcoin
  • TRC20 Tokens
  • TRC10 Tokens
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Ripple
  • DigiByte
  • Tether
  • CyberMiles
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • ERC-20 Tokens

Here at Inivty you can see all Bitcoin and Altcoin prices from many exchanges in real time, compare rates and buy instantly. You can then easily send the purchased cryptocurrencies to your hardware wallet: compare prices here.

Firmware Update

In order to always be up to date with the hardware wallet, an update of the firmware is possible. This ensures compatibility with the latest cryptocurrencies. Since the only data interface is the microSD card slot, the current firmware must be downloaded from the manufacturer’s page and copied to the SD card. A firmware update can be made via the settings of the ELLIPAL hardware wallet. The firmware 1.5.2 is up-to-date at the time of testing, but a new version with more cryptocurrencies and better account management is already being worked on.

Documentation and Support

ELLIPAL comes with a small manual that guides you through the most important steps in English. There is also a small knowledge base on the official homepage that answers the frequently asked questions. If you have further questions, you can also reach the support team via the homepage.


As a hardware wallet manufacturer, ELLIPAL naturally places great value on security. To achieve this, ELLIPAL has developed a security system which protects the user from hacking attempts and at the same time provides mobile support.

Note about security.

A hardware wallet is the most secure way to store cryptocurrencies. This is because these devices store the private keys that provide access to your cryptocurrencies. Only a hardware wallet can effectively protect private keys through numerous security measures. Even though all hardware wallets are considered very secure, there are small differences between each model. In addition, even with a hardware wallet, it cannot be 100% ruled out that a hacker can extract information with physical access with great effort.

An essential part of this is that ELLIPAL does not have any physical connection to the Internet. The only data transfer interface is the microSD card slot. Another point is the multiple verification steps. In addition to the account password, there is also the possibility to set up a gesture password.

Ledger has found many security vulnerabilities in the Android based hardware wallet: Extracting seed from Ellipal wallet. However, this requires direct access to the device. According to the manufacturer these are said to have been fixed in the successor to the ELLIPAL Titan.


Ask your own question

That is not a problem. You can restore your accounts to a new hardware wallet using the recovery key you wrote down when you set it up.

Most wallets support more than just one cryptocurrency, but only generate one backup. Nevertheless, this one backup is sufficient to restore all cryptocurrencies as all private keys of the different wallets result from the seed that is backed up as a backup during setup.

Hardware Wallets such as the Ledger Nano X, TREZOR Model T, BitBox02 or KeepKey all work according to the same principle. They are a special form of a so-called wallet, which is used to manage cryptocurrencies. A hardware wallet is a physical device that securely and inisolationly generates the private keys to the cryptocurrencies. Due to the extra hardware, they have some advantages over software wallets:

  • Private keys are often stored in a protected area of a microcontroller and cannot be transferred out of the device in clear text.
  • Hardware wallets are immune to computer viruses that steal from software wallets.
  • They can be used securely and interactively, private keys never need to come into contact with potentially vulnerable software.
  • The software is in most cases open source, so that the user or professionals can validate the entire operation of the device.

However, it is important to understand that hardware wallets are an attractive target for attackers and depend on several assumptions to maintain security. They are not a miracle weapon, and there are several realistic ways to hack a hardware wallet Especially if someone has physical access to the device.

A new cryptocurrency is rarely supported directly by a hardware wallet at the beginning. However, most providers such as Ledger or TREZOR are constantly working to support new cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is often worth waiting until the desired currency is supported by your hardware wallet.

No, you don’t need the hardware wallet every time you want to make a deposit. It is only necessary to set up the hardware wallet and generate an address of the corresponding cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency can now be sent to this address on the desired cycle on a regular basis without the need for the hardware wallet. The address does not expire.

Are my cryptocurrencies stored in the hardware wallet, or where exactly are they? This is a very good question because the answer defines what your wallet actually needs to protect.

Cryptocurrencies are so named because they are secured by cryptography. For this you need a set of digital keys, for example your (very secret) private key. With this key you can encrypt and digitally sign things.

Let’s take Bitcoin as an example (other cryptocurrencies work in a similar way). The entire Bitcoin network is kept up to date by a common data structure called the blockchain. It contains records of all transactions ever made and is publicly accessible online, so anyone can read it. When you receive some bitcoins, say 0.1 BTC, you see them in your bitcoin wallet, listed under a bitcoin address.

At the same time, the bitcoins are not actually stored in the wallet, they are just an entry in the public blockchain. What the wallet stores is your secret private key that belongs to that address. Since you control that private key, you can spend those Bitcoins again: that’s how “Bitcoin ownership” is defined. Anyone can see these bitcoins, but only you can spend it, so they are yours. But that also means that *anyone* with the right private key can spend those bitcoins. Therefore, it is very important to keep this key secret.

What stops the manufacturer of your hardware from using a backdoor and simply stealing your cryptocurrencies? How much do you have to trust hardware wallet manufacturers?

While a completely “trustless” solution is probably not possible, manufacturers are doing everything they can to minimize the need to trust them.

Most of the software code of many hardware waller manufacturers is open source, i.e. publicly available. Anyone can check how the device works and how secrets are handled. Of course, not everyone has the ability to review code: that’s why independent researchers are often encouraged to analyze, and are often rewarded by bug bounty programs when they find something. This does not limit their ability to publish a full independent report without permission.

The essentials to go: A wallet manages your secret private keys and requires full access to them. You can and should demand full transparency about how a wallet works and ensure that independent public audits are encouraged.

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Product Specifications

  • mobile mobile oriented hardware wallet, no computer required
  • user-friendly operation thanks to the color touch screen
  • supports various cryptocurrencies
  • smartphone app with additional useful features
CryptocurrenciesBitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Gold, Stellar, Zcoin, Tron, Decred, Bitcore, Bitcoin Diamond, Groestlcoin, TRC20 Tokens, TRC10 Tokens, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, DigiByte, Tether, CyberMiles, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, ERC-20 Tokens
Package Contents
  • ELLIPAL Cold Wallet
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Charger
  • Recovery sheet
  • Warranty card
  • Manual
Input OptionsTouchscreen
Comments24  comments
PlatformAndroid, iOS
Altcoin Support
FIDO U2F Authenticator
Supported Coins22
Open Source
Screen 2FA

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12. August 2021 um 22:48

How do I transfer my crypto from uphold/coinbase to my ELLIPAL titan. I’ve looked everywhere online and on YouTube but I don’t understand the directions I’ve come across. I guess I need a big crayon. Lol.

13. August 2021 um 0:44

You don’t need to use your elliapl for receiving, only sending. Open your Ellipal app on your smart phone instead and then the supported token. BTC for example, you’ll see your balance and below it the receiving address. Copy and paste this to coinbase, binance etc.

15. August 2021 um 2:42

Thank you very much for the info but to recap to my understanding:
Copy receiving address on ELLIPAL app and then open coinbase to find said token to transfer and paste receiving address to send to ELLIPAL app. So how do I get said transaction off ELLIPAL app to ELLIPAL titan cold wallet? Do I scan Q code on ELLIPAL app with ELLIPAL titan to put it into the cold storage titan?
Josh, Thank you for your info and patience

30. May 2021 um 13:44

Over 2 months waiting for this. WORST costumer service EVER. They answer questions with anwsers that don’t awnser the question. In the EU they send it to Germany röntgen send it around the EU. So no import as they import it to there location in Germany. So they can calculate it in the total price. Now they send my package that got lost in the mail from China. Result, import is 1/3 of the total.price for import. And they don’t want to pay that. Despite import Bring in the item price if they destribute it from Germany. So not gone pay that cost ontop of everything i already paid. No responds anymore so far. 2.5 months and waiting.

2. June 2021 um 14:39


Over 2.5 months waiting for this. WORST costumer service EVER. They answer questions with answers that don’t answer the question. In the EU they send it to Germany storage to send it around the EU. So no import costs for EU ppl, as they import it to there location in Germany. And we order it from Germany, not Hong Kong. First package arrived they said, but it did not.

Now they send my package, that got lost in the mail (there private delivery service mail), from Hong Kong. Result, import is 1/3 of the total price for import. And they don’t want to pay that. Despite import being in the item price if they distribute it from Germany. So not gone pay that cost on top of everything i already paid. They don’t want to pay it, instead saying i need to pay it and they will pay it back. So that is a big red flag for scamming. Also, they said they would pay 25$ back for the import. But the import is 76,79$. They are just faking delivery with there own transport services. And then asking you to pay even more if the package does not arrive.

Keeping all mails of conversation for legal reasons. They said i would get a refund, but i am pretty sure i wont or it will be a refund waaay lower then the price i paid.

8. June 2021 um 10:58

My mistake, it has been “4 months” since i order my Ellipal. March 21, 2021.

They send a paypal refund screenshot to me. But i have no recieved anything. Also, they showed it to be 76,79$, that’s still a far cray from the 202$ AND they seem to not get 76,79 was the import tax. And i asked for a full refund WAAAAAY before they so called gave me THAT refund.

29. April 2021 um 21:19

I purchased an Ellipal cold wallet to store my coins. I have been adding the last of my savings into the account and ALL of it is GONE! I followed all of the rules and made sure I did not share any information with anyone! Well, all of my COINS ARE GONE! STOLEN! And when I contacted the company about the issue they ignored me and I send them a message Letting them Know I have Proof of transaction History from every coin I purchased. Shortly after that my transaction history disappeared and is no longer in my account! Luckily I took pictures of everything And have PROOF! This company is a SCAM! PLEASE DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!! I BEG YOU I MESSED UP SO BIG I AM GOING TO BE HOMELESS!!! I HATE LIFE!!!

24. April 2021 um 5:12

I ordered Ellipal Titan, I’m tired of waiting, they answer my emails, many lies, today we send you the traking, after 2 days I write to them and they reply again that they send me immediately ….. to me these seem scammers. I wrote not to send me Ellipal I just want my money back, they reply again that soon they will send me the Titan with traking. I send the Titan back, I just want my money back.

21. April 2021 um 11:00

The customer support is really strange. I got it straight from the official site. But after more then a month waiting for my product jus to ship (have paid for tracking) i got this reponds:

“Sorry for delay delivery, Our factory lack of chip last week , You know that the global chip shortage , But we have solved already , the order will sent you soon.”

So this is a multiple choice responds, some one very bad at English working from a other location then the company. Or a scam. I know there is delays with the Covid thing. But the support here is terrible. now i don’t feel safe to use the wallet even if i do get it.

3. April 2021 um 14:46

i bought their titan wallet and stored xrp and stellar on it. After one of their updates on their hot wallet app, the stellar address that has a large amount on it, disappeared and was replaced with a fresh empty stellar address. The xrp was still ok. I then checked the blockchain and the stellar are still there in the original address. I then reinstalled the seed phrase and still the issue remained. I had hope they were still on the hard wallet but once i turned it on, it synced up with their app and the stellar was still gone. The other thing that happened was after i reinstalled their app, it was then suddenly uninstalled by itself.

I contacted ellipal both on their site and on twitter. They ignored all my messages until i made it public on twitter what had happened. They then blocked me on twitter after denying it was impossible to remotely access and uninstall their app while its installed on peoples phones. They denied this when their app clearly demands multiple permissions to access your phone! Not once did they offer a solution on how to recover my missing stellar. It was denials after denials. They then passed the buck and said i must have been scammed?! Really?

That said, a lot of ppl are getting scammed by a fake ellipal group on Telegram, when i made this clear to ellipal, they claimed they had no group on telegram and it had nothing to do with them, yet if you check their contact details, they have a link to telegram. I think, they are deliberately causing issues on their hot wallet app to get ppl to seek help, hoping those ppl will get scammed into giving their private keys to the fake ellipal support group on telegram. I went onto their telegram and there were loads of ppl complaining about issues with the app and wallet. I warned ppl that the group was a scam and i was instantly blocked and banned from using telegram for 3 days.

I believe ellipal are a scam and i would warn ppl not to use them. Their customer support is nil and i still haven’t been able to access my stellar. Does anyone know of another way i can recover those stellar?

9. April 2021 um 10:21

You must be joking, I never heard mobile app uninstalled by itself . we are playing crypto, it’s decentration not like put in money in bank. as i know , no one can stole your coins/tokens unless you tell someone your Phrase words.

12. May 2021 um 1:56

Think of pre-loaded mnemonic on the hardware. Could be enough for a disaster.

Jason Leonard
19. March 2021 um 5:19

Purchased the Ellipal Titan over 2 weeks ago. Never recieved tracking for the item. Havent recieved my item. Can not get an email back from them. Zero response back from Ellipal. Buyer beware. Frauds and fakes here! I would not trust them after dealing with this transaction. Took my money and nothing in return. Frauds!

27. March 2021 um 19:58

I ordered my Ellipal and it does take at least 2 weeks to arrive. They have been responsive via email as well. I would only order through Ellipal and not a third party vendor.

28. March 2021 um 21:15

I got one too and it said they ship in up to 20 days

Tony chapman
20. January 2021 um 22:06

Does anyone know who to contact about CPU net and ram I have tried to get that information from Ellipal I can’t even get a email back from Them and I have search the Internet and Kate find out anything either thank you

Tony chapman
20. January 2021 um 22:03

I purchased a Ellipal cold wallet from Amazon and it comes with no instructions very complicated and you cannot get any help in the beginning I’ve got a few emails back did not give any help or make any sense and since then I have tried for two months sending messages extra message trying to get some help with it it is impossible once I get your money it’s over with you will not get any technical help from them not even an email nothing I’ve got EOS locked up in it cannot get it out I can’t trade it I can’t sell it I can’t transfer it it is the killer if I had it out I would throw it just as far as I could throw it they are a very sketchy untrustworthy Chinese company and anyone has ever dealt with Chinese knows they’re all crooks Buyer beware if you buy it you are stuck you have just got your money away and if you put any thing in it you have lost it to so before purchasing this item you better think hard so good luck and be ware

28. March 2021 um 21:19

They tell you not to but any cryptowallet from Amazon or ebay. Could have been tapered with.

14. January 2021 um 15:08

Can we trust a Chinese company that has no info on their company online and takes 2 weeks for them to email you back? Probably not they probably have a database of all the private keys they send out because well they are a sketchy Chinese company lol

Jason Sheppard
10. July 2020 um 2:56

Love the wallet, extremely easy to use. What if ellipal goes out of business, how would I retrieve my assest?

12. May 2021 um 2:02

You just need to find a wallet that accept the 12 mnemonic words.

11. August 2019 um 4:51

Great wallet

So much simpler then ledger nano

Andrew Big
27. March 2019 um 7:43

QR code is the future guys… I really dislike have to use the desktop every time, Ellipal saved me all the trouble! It is so much easier and I feel alot more secure. The wallet also has no connection so its impossible to hack!

19. March 2019 um 5:25

Its easy to use and QR CODE Verifications are really secure, now im holding my best cryptocurrencies here. The security pattern makes it more secure and there are many verification steps to make me feel safe. Fast recovery account and can select the cryptocurrencies you want to show. Quality design is good and feels like premium finish on hand and very light weight.

Just hope future updates can have Ellipal cold wallet show balance and update balance using QR code. I really recommend this product if you wish to secure your coins.

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  • Buy directly from the manufacturer without intermediaries
  • ELLIPAL is a Blockhain security company with headquarters in Hong Kong
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  • largest e-commerce shop, where also hardware wallets and accessories can be found
  • caution is advised with private sales or fraudulent shops that use Amazon as a platform
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