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Can you store 2 accounts on a Ledger Nano X without buying a second one?

Yes, you can set up multiple accounts with a hardware wallet Ledger Nano X. For each cryptocurrency, you can set up multiple sub-accounts and label them as well.

For example, you can set up an extra account for your life partner. However, it should be noted that the pin and recovery seed is the same for both and also any authorized person has full access to all accounts. If you want to have a complete separation, you should buy two hardware wallets.

Ledger Nano X


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Levent Ersalman
21. January 2022 um 22:15

Do I still pay a fee to transfer coins between two such ledger accounts?

Joe k
4. October 2021 um 21:00

I have 2 accounts on ledger live both xrp. One I could transfer and receive the other one can’t send but it will receive it. I don’t understand anyone ever have this problems big $ locked in that account I would appreciate any help Iam stress out big time

26. May 2022 um 23:45

I am having same problem did you ever figure it out

7. July 2022 um 1:16

do you have enought base currency in the other account to do the transaction (gas fees?).