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How to switch from Ledger Nano S to the Ledger Nano X?

If you already own a Ledger Nano S and want to switch to the successor, you don’t have to throw away the Nano S. It is very possible to operate both in parallel. For this reason, Ledger continues to sell both models together as a “backup pack”. You can easily use the same recovery phrase for both. In this case, both hardware wallets can be used interchangeably with Ledger Live. For example, you then take the Ledger Nano S for use at home or as a backup device safely stowed and the Nano X for on the go. Both then operate the same wallet. Of course, you can also generate a new wallet and send your cryptocurrencies to the new wallet.

Ledger Nano X
Ledger Nano S


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30. April 2021 um 21:06

Hi there,
I am using a Ledger S, bought a Ledger X (Linked also to Leger Live, I can see my crypto from my ledger S).
I do Not want to use the Ledger S as a backup but give it to my Fiancee, so she can have her own.
Both devices have a different recovery phase and thats why (it seems) I cant access my crypto for receive / send on my Ledger X 🙁
I assume I can send my Ledger S linked Crypto to the Ledger X crypto addresses, but then I have to pay all the gas fees I assume.
Is there another way?
And after doing so, I assume there is a way to rest the Ledger S, so its all new again and she can create her own ledger live account?
Thanks for your help in advance.
I looked everywhere to get this question answered, not to be found even on the Ledger website :-0

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