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Ledger Black Friday 2024

Ledger Black Friday

Ledger Black Friday Offer 2023

The hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger is known for offering great deals on its hardware wallets around Black Friday. This year is no exception. You can find all Ledger offers here:

Get up to 40% discount or up to 50$ in Bitcoin when buying a hardware wallet

Ledger Black Friday 2020

Ledger Black Friday deal from the year 2020

Would you like to store your cryptocurrencies securely and benefit from the advantages of the Bitcoin market at the same time? Then Black Friday is just the thing for you. In November 2024 you can once again benefit from a great offer. The past few years have shown that there were good offers.

Year Black Friday Deal More info
2019 30% discount The first Black Friday deal.
2020 40% discount increase compared to the previous year.
2021 No action No deal because of the corona pandemic.
2022 $30 BTC voucher with the purchase of a Ledger Nano X
$20 BTC voucher with the purchase of a Ledger Nano S Plus
Offer for a whole week.
2023 $30 BTC for a Ledger Nano X
$20 BTC for a Ledger Nano S Plus
$50 BTC for a Ledger Nano Duo bundle
From November 20 to November 27, 2023.


This table shows that, apart from the exceptional year 2021, Ledger has always delivered good deals on Black Friday. So you can expect new offers again next year.

What is Ledger Black Friday and how can I participate?

Ledger Black Friday is a special promotion that offers you the opportunity to receive Bitcoin for free when you buy a Ledger hardware wallet. The Ledger Nano X is the latest model from Ledger, which has Bluetooth and supports up to 100 apps simultaneously. The Ledger Nano S Plus is an improved version of the popular Ledger Nano S, which has a larger display and a higher storage capacity.

Ledger Black Friday 2022

The deal from 2022

To take part in the promotion, you must follow the steps below:

  • Visit Ledger’s Black Friday page and select the hardware wallet you want to buy.
  • After you have received your ledger, set it up with the Ledger Live app.
  • Find a gift code on the physical card in your package and enter it in Ledger Live.
  • You can redeem your free Bitcoin 30 days after entering your code.

Depending on which hardware wallet you buy, you will receive different amounts of Bitcoin.

Are the Ledger Black Friday deals worth it?

Until now, Ledger has always offered large discounts or vouchers for its hardware wallets on Black Friday. So if you’re looking for a new hardware wallet anyway, you should take advantage of Black Friday. Experience shows that no better offers will come along during the year.

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