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Tangem Wallet Coupon Code: save 10% with this exclusive code

With this exclusive coupon code you can save 10% in the Tangem Shop. Simply enter the code “HARDWAREWALLETS” in the Tangem Wallet coupon code field at checkout.

Tangem Wallet Coupon Code: How to save money when buying crypto wallets

Are you looking for a secure and easy way to store and manage your cryptocurrencies? Then you should take a look at the Tangem Wallet. The Tangem Wallet is a physical card that acts as a hardware wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. With the Tangem Wallet, you can check, send and receive your crypto assets at any time without the need for an internet connection or an additional app. The Tangem Wallet is also equipped with a highly secure chip that protects your private keys and prevents unauthorized access.

What are the advantages of the Tangem Wallet?

The Tangem wallet offers you many advantages over other crypto wallets, such as

  • Simplicity: The Tangem Wallet is as easy to use as a bank card. You only need to touch the card to see your balance or carry out a transaction. You don’t have to remember complicated passwords or PINs or worry about updates or backups.
  • Security: The Tangem Wallet is equipped with a certified security chip that isolates and encrypts your private keys. The chip is protected against physical and digital attacks and cannot be hacked or copied. Even if you lose your card or it is stolen, you can recover your crypto assets by creating a new card with the same seed.
  • Versatility: The Tangem wallet supports multiple cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Binance Coin, Tezos and many more. You can also have several cards with different currencies and change them at will. The Tangem wallet is also compatible with most crypto apps and services, such as Tangem Tap, Ledger Live, Metamask, Uniswap and others.

How can you save with a Tangem Wallet promotional code?

Tangem Wallet Coupon Code

Here is marked in red where you have to enter the promotional code.

If you choose the Tangem Wallet, you can benefit from an exclusive offer that gives you a 10% discount on your order. All you have to do is use a Tangem Wallet promotional code, which is displayed at the top of the page.

To use a Tangem Wallet promotional code, simply follow the steps below:

  • Visit the official Tangem website and select the card or package you wish to purchase.
  • Add the desired items to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.
  • Enter the Tangem Wallet promotional code in the corresponding field and click on “Apply”.
  • Check the updated price and complete your order.


The Tangem Wallet is an innovative and practical solution for anyone who wants to store and manage their cryptocurrencies securely and easily. With a Tangem Wallet promotional code, you can also save money and get the best deals. What are you waiting for? Order your Tangem wallet now and enjoy the benefits of the crypto world.

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